Nano Materials for Better Energy Devices

Enhancing the electronic, optical and thermal properties of semiconductor materials through nano-scale changes


We aim to enhance the electronic, optical and thermal properties of silicon-based materials through changes at the nano-scale – usually involving nano-structuring or the modification of nano-scale defects.

This makes these semiconductors better for applications in energy harvesting devices, such as thermoelectric generators or photovoltaic cells.

While our research starts at the nano-scale, it doesn’t stop there – we build and test macroscale demonstrator devices based on our material innovations.


Invited Talk at EDS2018

Today (7 Mar) our group was asked to give an invited talk about our work on defect engineering of silicon thermoelectrics at the 19th International Conference on Extended Defects in Semiconductors (EDS2018). The conference is in Greece in late June. The talk will be given by Neil.

UK Thermoelectric Network Hosts

Today (14 Feb) we hosted the annual meeting of the UK Thermoelectric Network here in Edinburgh, along with Dr Jan-Willem Bos’ group. Thanks to all who attended, particularly our meeting sponsors and invited speakers.

Research visit to Heriot-Watt Dubai

This week (15-17 Jan) Juergen and Nick visited our campus in Dubai to undertake testing of Juergen’s ‘moon mirrors’.

Thermoelectric visit to India

This week (9 Jan) Peter visited Bangalore to participate in the India-UK Workshop on Thermoelectric Materials. Peter presented an overview of our group’s work in thermoelectrics.

‘Fledge’ funding

Pleased today (4 December) to receive ‘Fledge’ funding from the Energy Academy for the project “Towards mitigation of impacts of marine renewable energy structures”, led by Associate Professor Jo Porter at our Orkney campus.

Juergen’s documentary appearance

Today (28 Nov) we welcome a German film crew into the lab to capture some of Juergen’s experimental work. The shots will be used for a science documentary. More details as they become available…