Thin-film Thermoelectrics

PhD Student: Mr Edwin Acosta
Supervisor: Dr Nick Bennett
Funding: Secretaria Nacional de Educación Superior,
Ciencia y Tecnología e Innovación, Ecuador

Thin-film thermoelectric generators (TEGs) with an active device thickness of 1-20 mm are forecast to find a growing number of applications for powering modern sensors and with the advent of flexible/wearable electronics. Since such components only require low power, energy-harvesting devices can feasibly be employed as their power source. TEGs are one such type of device, powered by the existence of a temperature difference across the module, producing electrical power as a function of the thermoelectric properties of the active material.

This study is investigating various low-cost routes to the realisation of thin-film TEG devices, involving both low-cost materials and low-cost fabrication methods.